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Binh Hung, Binh Lap, Binh Tien and Binh Ba are collectively known as Tu Binh, which is famous for its pristine beaches, such as “Maldives in miniature” in Vietnam.

Maldivian sea paradise, which is famous for its long, shimmering blue-water beach. But do not go too far, in Vietnam also owns the beauty of paradise with Tu Binh including 4 islands of Binh Hung, Binh Lap, Binh Tien and Binh Ba.

Binh Hung
Binh Hung Island is located in Cam Binh Commune, Cam Ranh City, lying under the foot of Binh Tien – Vinh Hy Beach. Due to not exploit many tourist so the island still retains many wild charms. When visiting Binh Hung, you should avoid October, November because this is the time of rainstorm. The ideal time is during the summer months.
In Binh Hung there are many beautiful beaches, including Eg Eggs, Cay Me beach. Men along the way up Mount Hon Bu to the Hon Chut lighthouse. It is also home to the highest island, over 100 years old. Standing on the lighthouse, you can observe the vibrant rhythm of the ships on Cam Ranh harbor, overlooking the vast sea.

Go to the sea of ​​course can not ignore the fresh seafood such as grilled lobster, freshly grilled squid, grilled salmon with grilled salted fish, roasted greasy on the raft.

Binh Lap

Binh Lap is about 90km from Nha Trang. It is also in the sea of ​​Tu Binh, but Binh Lap is less known because the location is almost completely separated from the outside. The cost of Binh Lap travel is not too expensive, but brings a strange experience in almost absolute wilderness.
Binh Lap has beautiful beaches like Con beach, Ngang beach, Lao beach and Binh Chau beach. At the end of the beach is a village of Tau Bo, where visitors can enjoy watching the life of the fishermen living by fishing.

Located hammock in the middle of the sea
Located hammock in the middle of the sea
Binh Lap has no specialty, only fresh seafood caught. Main shops are concentrated in Ngang beach and Binh Chau beach. In addition, Binh Lap Sea also has the “chicken only”, which means that you like to eat any child in the herd, pointing at that child, the restaurant will do the request.

Binh Tien
Binh Tien is about 30 km south of Phan Rang – Thap Cham city. Located in the tourist supply including Vinh Hy Bay, Nui Chua National Park, Binh Tien Sea is like “hidden gem hidden”. Due to not been explored much, Binh Tien still has natural beauty inherent.
Seafood in Binh Tien is very fresh, full of animals from crabs, crabs, shrimp, snails, but it is cheap. At night in the sea, visitors can bring small tents camping overnight, watching thousands of stars reflected on the calm sea, enjoy the cool breeze blowing from outside to forget all the hardships in life in the capital. Market.

Binh Ba
In Tu Binh, Binh Ba seems to be a more prominent name, also known as “lobster island”. About 20 km from the mainland, Binh Ba is located in Cam Ranh Bay, Khanh Hoa Province, considered as the earliest dawn in Vietnam. In recent years, Binh Ba attracts more customers when many people need to rest in a quiet place, avoid the rush.
You can go to Binh Ba  at any time of the year, but ideally from March to September. To get to Binh Ba, whether coming from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, you have to move to Cam Ranh . Then, visitors from Ba Ngoi port to the island. Binh Ba is attracted by the gentle beauty in Bai Beach, Bai Chua, Turtle Island or Nha Old beach. looking for hotel , homestay or bed breakfast in Binh Ba ?


Enjoy famous lobster in Binh Ba
Enjoy the famous lobster in Binh Ba
The “lobster island” should come to Binh Ba can not ignore this famous seafood. Lobster here are four types of red, blue, cotton and stars. The simplest and most delicious way to prepare is grilled lobster. Besides, the island also has many types of fresh sea lions such as octopus, nhum, squid, fish …

To admire the beautiful coral reefs in Binh Ba, tourists can rent a boat to the wilderness. If you have time, please select the Old House, because the water here is very clear with fine white sand and can see the coral only about 5m.

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