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In terms of modern tourism services, the phrase homestay service (home stay service) is becoming a booming trend in almost all major tourist routes in the country. Not only investors and visitors who are interested in this service, but also experts who have joined the controversy should call this service “vietnam bed breakfast” or just “housestay”.

Attractive for novelty

As one of the owners of the place was named “Sakura Homestay” at Hoang Van Thu street, Ward 4, Da Lat city (Lam Dong province), as soon as decided to repair this ancient villa, Ho Ba Thong immediately thought of opening a “homestay” service here. With the experience available, Mr. Thong plans to renovate this facility to become a business location homestay accommodation is the most beautiful city of thousand flowers. Moreover, with the emphasis that the old villa is almost the same architecture of ancient Da Lat, a garden of nearly 1,000 m2, the remaining problem is how to make the visitors feel really comfortable. Roof – said Mr. Ho Ba Thong.

According to the comments of many people interested in this service, about two years ago, homestay type homestay in Da Lat flourished, to the youth throughout the country considered this place “homestay paradise ” With the advantage of climate, the scenery is full of difference between the south and central sunny sun, the appearance of dozens of “multi-style” homestay facilities in the famous tourist city has added to the attraction. Lead for Da Lat.

Due to the large number of visitors, especially in the holidays, Tet, plus the style of investment “extreme” as the visitor’s comments, many business services homestay has attracted the number of visitors. To reach a high level, most of the guests are young people who go out or play in groups, enjoy new experiences, and have many come back with many unforgettable experiences. Nickname Sun Pham – a member of the forum Travel enthusiasts said, despite having traveled to Dalat many times, but never once she felt bored, because each time Da Lat was changed Quickly, one of the changes was that different homestay establishments were born, each one of them different and attractive.

“Big investment”

In fact, homestay is easy to say, because the source of “bridge” is quite rich and stable, invested is to have customers right, not difficult to recover the capital and business profits. However, it is very difficult to reach the “necessary and sufficient” threshold for a stable homestay, which is an important challenge for those who invest in this type of service. In particular, the most important thing is the preparation for the launch of this particular type of tourism is fully prepared, thoughtful, especially in terms of human beings.

Recalling the investment process of repairing homestay accommodation, Hoang Anh Tho, a homestay owner on Ho Tung Mau Street in Da Lat City, said that with her initial vision of this type of service, she Have been confident that investment is not “terrible” like building a mini hotel. However, it is not easy to get started, even the investment capital is much bigger than building a hotel. Apart from basic construction, the homestay businessman To brainstormed the room styles, items, eye-catching decorations that are not “hit” to attract new visitors.

Explaining this, Anh Tho cited, because the type of homestay towards customers is the young people love to explore, like new things, low-income civil servants and small families in the city. The crowded streets are so crowded that when you are in the small, beautiful, suitable pocket, there is open space to attract new customers. Therefore, homestay premises must be large enough, at least 500 – 700 m2, enough to build both the living room and living room community, reading room, garden space is clear, right. Comfortable facilities such as cooking stove, laundry for guests to share with the owner or can buy things to cook, create the atmosphere as in the family. All of this is geared towards the “new” psychology of most visitors. Therefore, the cost of managing a homestay facility is not cheap, with a minimum of four to five service personnel.

Needs management

“Homestay” is a type of tourism where visitors will live and work with local people as family members through collective action to experience the values ​​of life and culture of the land. That visitors come to. According to this criterion, homestay is a complete tourism product rather than a residential service, because when visitors really integrate into the local life from living to living, labor they are real Experienced homestay, otherwise it is housestay only, says Le Thi Huyen Trang, manager of a tourism company in Soc Trang. Therefore, to do “homestay” really not easy, please see the visit website :

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